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Woolbright Development Inc., based in Boca Raton, Florida, has a notable reputation as the industry leader in commercial real estate in the retail arena. We are one of the largest acquirers and top 10 private owners of retail commercial properties in the state. Our portfolio includes more than 30 projects totaling over 5 million square feet of commercial real estate. Our highly advanced business processes and unparalleled first-hand knowledge, powered by our innovative proprietary technology offers you a financial edge to maximize your ROI.

  • Research Means Knowledge

    • Includes every shopping center over 45,000 sq. ft. in the six major metropolitan areas of Florida
    • Vital information such as vacancy level, ownership, tenant and sales history
    • Acquisitions team identifies investment opportunities and stays on top of market conditions
  • The Importance of Planning & Analysis

    • Determine which markets are generating sustained demand for retail and their growth potential
    • Aggressively target properties that offer tremendous upside, even those not currently for sale

Planning & Analysis

Qualify, quantify and analyze the level of profitability and risk to a high degree of accuracy before acquiring a property.

  • Reputation is Everything

    • Solid, life-long relationships with retailers, brokers, buyers and sellers
    • Proven track record of accomplishment
    • Strong-draw of anchor and local tenants
  • Superior Value Creation and Growth

    • Development and redevelopment of retail projects increases their financial value within a very short time
    • Raised the value of our last 35 investments (purchase price plus redevelopment costs) within an average of 18 months
  • Innovative Proprietary Technology

    • Enterprise software to easily store and search our research data and more quickly identify acquisition targets and retail prospects
    • Applications to manage leasing and construction activity, ensuring centers are fully occupied and new tenants are opened in a timely manner

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